The fundamental mission of The School of Human and Social Sciences (ECHS), with its three departments of Economics, Sociology and Management; Education and Psychology; Humanities, Arts and Communication. Its mission is to produce, disseminate and apply knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. Its role, therefore, is to promote creativity, innovation, reflection and critical thinking in these areas, as key factors for sustainable development and for the well-being of society.

Besides their teaching functions, the tutors also work in the research centres at the Institution (CETRAD – Centre for Transdisciplinary Development Studies and CEL – Centre for the Study of Humanities) and are part of other national research centres associated with other universities. As researchers, many of the School’s teachers are linked to projects and activities of a far-reaching academic, artistic and cultural nature in society, helping to fulfil one of the original callings of the University: the extension to the community.


  • The Department of Education and Psychology is involved in the creation of the Portuguese Association of Education in Prisons as part of the Installation Commission [PT] , with the aim of becoming a member of the European Prison Education Association (member of the Council of Europe).