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UTAD recognises its former students as important assets in the life of the institution, who greatly value and honour it. The in careers experince and example of their professional success coupled with a sense of belonging to the academy are exciting incentives for new students.

Knowing the social and cultural dimension of the university, former students provide a special connection to the productive fabric, so they are called upon to get involved in the development of the University, to participate in its dissemination and appreciation, to encourage inter-institutional cooperation and the establishment of a culture of patronage.

The role of the Alumni has been particularly important in promoting a new concept of oenology in the country and in the world. The President of the General Council of UTAD has referred to them as a “school of champions”, capable of bringing to the World what is best done in Portugal at this level. Certain renowned oenologists who trained at this university created in 2017 the “Alumni UTAD” wines, a brand that will launch each year a new production, representative of the country’s different wine regions, and whose profits will be donated to the Social Services of UTAD.