Human Resources

​Human Resources Services are active in the areas concerning personnel and registration management, forwarding and storing of documents, as well as benefits, allowances and rebates processing.
The Human Resources Services are managed by a Service Director, who is entrusted to:

a) Organize, plan and run the services in order to attain the goals set forth by the university and in accordance with the established policies and procedures;
b) Participate in the definition and of UTAD’s management policy, in what concerns personnel and human resources;
c) Promote all the required procedures in order to assure a permanent database update referring to biographical registration and general office;  
d)  Monitor punctuality and assiduity;
e) Report and submit to the Vice-Rector all matters concerning the sectors for which he is responsible and that cannot be delegated;
f) Ensure uniform application of legal provisions relating to the general civil service regime, including recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, progression, work duration, holidays, absences and leaves, status and remuneration, social security and legal termination of employment;
g) Ensure administrative procedures relating to personnel, particularly with regard to the constitution, modification and termination of the juridical employment relationship and the matters referred to in the previous paragraph;
h) Manage the relationship between teaching and non-teaching staff with the University, particularly with regard to the welcoming of new employees, employee provision and labour conflicts; 
i) Manage the staff’s training courses;
j) Manage the evaluation procedures, namely trough technical support;
k) Ensure career management of teaching and non-teaching staff;
l) Ensure that the Annual Activities Plan and Report are drawn up.