FOOD I&DT 2013

UTAD’s “Bio-reduction of wine volatile acidity”, developed by Professors Alice Vilela and Arlete Mendes-Faia, conquered the first prize of the FOOD I&DT (FOOD R&D) technology competition.
Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisbon - International Food, Hotel industry and Technology for the Food Industry, Exhibition is the largest event in terms of business and contacts in Portugal in its field. It positions itself strategically as business platform between Europe, Africa and South America. In addition to covering the entire Portuguese market, it is a natural bridge for the food industry trade with the countries of Portuguese influence - Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique – totaling more than 200 million potential consumers.
Alimentaria & Horexpo 2013 and Rede Inovar (Innovation Network) once more organized the FOOD I&DT competition at the event, a space dedicated to innovations resulting from R&D projects by Scientific and Technological System Entities (STSE) or companies in partnership with STSE’s. The projects were selected according to three criteria: possessing a degree of innovation that differentiates them at national and international level, having a high potential for commercial use and having at least one STSE as development partner.
UTAD submitted two projects: “Bio-reduction of wine volatile acidity”, developed in partnership with Minho University by Professors by Professors Alice Vilela and Arlete Mendes-Faia from UTAD, and Professors Manuela Côrte-Real and Dorit Schuller from UMinho; and “Cook-chill system applied to ready to eat foods”, developed by Professors Cristina Saraiva, Maria João Moreira, António Silva and Irene Oliveira
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