Management Board

Chaired by the Rector, the Management Board consists of a Vice-Rector appointed by the Rector and the Administrator. It may also include one or two members with recognized competence in the management area, freely chosen by the Rector from among the teachers and investigators, or from among the non-teaching staff of the university. The tenure of the Management Board lasts as long as that of the Rector that appointed it.
The Management Board handles the university’s administrative, patrimonial and financial management, as well as the human resources management, according to the current legislation for public bodies endowed with administrative autonomy. It is also the Management Board that establishes rates and fees.
The Management Board may generally delegate – on the bodies of the organic units and on the directors of the Services – the competences it deems appropriate and necessary for a more efficient management.
António Augusto Fontainhas Fernandes
Artur Fernando Arede Correia Cristovão
João Filipe Coutinho Mendes
Elsa Rocha de Sousa Justino