Other Offices

In addition to schools and research centres, the UTAD has other units and support structures:

• Sports Excellence and Training Monitoring Centre (CATED)

• Rehabilitation and Accessibility Engineering Centre (CERTIC)

• Agricultural Management and Exploitation Centre (CEGA)

• Active Life Integration Support Office (GAIVA)

• Projects Support Office (GAP)

• Promotion of Industrial Property and Technology Transfer Support Office (GAPI-OTIC)

• Communication and Image Office (GCI)

• E-learning Office

• Training Office (Gform)

• Quality Management Office (GESQUA)

• International Relations and Mobility Office (GRIM)

• Veterinary Hospital

• Botanical Garden

• Applied Ecology Office (LEA)

• Soil and Fertility Laboratory
• Geology Museum

• Technical Support, Maintenance and Security Unit (UATMS)

• Electronic Microscopy Unit (UME)